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For more convenience of sending documents and requests through EDI NCC has realized the new service – Web-clearing (Clearing terminal). Web-clearing is a web-interface which allows Clearing members to form and send to NCC applications in accordance with forms and formats of documents on the Equity and FX markets.

For use Web-clearing there is no need in signing additional agreements or installing software. EDI key certificates which Clearing members already have are used as mean of authentication. Clearing members get such key certificates in the course of gaining an access to clearing services. 

How to become a Clearing member

More about EDI

Web-clearing allows to avoid inconvenience connected with preparation of documents in hard copy form and also Universal Client Working Place system weakness.  

In order to register in Web-clearing it is needed to fill in the Application for connection to Web-clearing and send it through EDI to

Our technical experts will get in touch with you by contacts provided in application and will help to set up Web-clearing. If you have questions regarding filling in the application or connecting procedure, please contact Clearing members relationship unit.   

Please note: NCC won’t release new versions of Universal Client Working Place system from 01.12.2016 and will stop it’s technical support fully from 01.12.2018.

Contact us:

·       General questions, questions regarding connecting procedure – with Clearing members relationship unit by e-mail or by phone: +7 (495) 363-32-32, ext. 1056, 1431, 2061.

·       Web-clearing service marketing questions – with Clearing services marketing and support division by e-mail or by phone: +7 (495) 363-32-32, ext. 1458.