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Risk management

According to the ‘Rules of performing a broker activity when concluding transactions at securities market using monetary funds and/or securities passed by broker as a loan to the client (marginal transactions)’, approved the Federal service for financial markets Order No.13-71/pz-n of 8 August 2014, that enter into force on 27 March 2014:

  • Brokers may use publicly disclosed Clearing organization rates for margin calculation purposes;
  • If the Clearing organization sets more than one rate for a particular asset, the broker must use the highest rate (unless otherwise stated in the brokerage service contract);
  • If the Clearing organization changes the rates intraday, the broker must adjust his own rates no later than 1 hour after such change.

Below are the publicly disclosed risk-parameters which can be used for margin calculation purposes: 

Market Risk Parameters

Interest Rate Risk Parameters